Pilot Information

Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association (AOPA) The largest pilot network and advocacy group.
Be A Pilot AOPA Sponsored site providing information for prospective pilots.
Federal Aviation Administraton (FAA) Contains a wealth of information for all aviation interests.
FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) Promotes aviation safety and sponsors live seminars and on-line education materials.

Planning Resources

AirNav Airport information and data.
Aviation Weather from the National Weather Service As the title says, Aviation weather.
DUATS On-line weather briefing service for pilots.
SkyVector Flight planning and aeronautical charts


Aircraft Maintenance Specialists (AMS) Aircraft maintenance and Cessna authorized repair center located at F45.
Air Orlando Aircraft Sales Cessna Aircraft sales representatives covering South Florida.
Cessna Aircraft Learn more about the company and their entire product line.
Landmark Aviation – F45 FBO services at the North County (F45) Airport.
Ocean Helicopters Part 61 and 141 helicopter flight training provider based at F45.
Palm Beach Avionics Avionics repair and custom installation located at F45.
Platinum Aviation Premier Cirrus aircraft flight training
Redbird Flight Simulations, Inc. Developer of flight simulators.
Web Hosting and Design, Inc. Development and Hosting of Aviation websites.

Links of Interest

Airliners.net Website dedicated to aircraft/aviation photography and “aircraft spotting.”
FlightAware Live flight tracking.
GATV Online TV and Web based series devoted to General Aviation.
HangarChat The leading social network specifically for aviators and powered by the passion of flight.